New Beginnings

Hello!  Welcome to my brand new blog, a place I made to mark and celebrate some big changes taking place in my life right now.
It’s all very exiting, and as you probably know by now (seeing as to how I’m still only writing for people I invite myself) it’s all about leaving the big city and moving to a little house by the sea, in a humble village on a quiet corner of a strange continent.  My home.
So to start with I’m just saying welcome!  Today is officially my first working day as a completely free agent, having finally finished on Saturday working part time as carer to the old and dotty.  It’s been a long time coming – eight years – and this time I really mean it: never again.  I’m an artist.  And a gardener, a maker, an animal husbander, a walker, a watcher, a wife and a dreamer.  Oh yes, and a newly signed up student of zoology.  And an aspiring seamstress.  An aspiring lots of things, really.
This new chapter in my life is all about going for the crazy dream that L and I can do all these things and somehow manage to survive as well.  We’re a bit scared.  And very sad to leave London.  But we’re also very, very exited.  Did I say that earlier?  EXITED!